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Welcome to Michael Rehm Law Office’s blog on Motorcycle Accidents and Resources for Riders in the Sacramento Region. Michael Rehm Law represents the victims of motorcycle accidents in Sacramento County and throughout California. Hopefully this blog will help provide information on what to do after a motorcycle accident and how to avoid an accident in the first place.

Motorcycle Riders face a different road, both literally and figuratively, then the driver of a car or a truck or a pedestrian on foot. Avoiding accidents can be a much more difficult task. Obviously in comparison to those in vehicles, the rider is not protected by the vehicle. If there is an accident, the odds are significantly higher that they will be thrown from the motorcycle, as opposed to the driver of a car being thrown from the vehicle. In addition, bumps, gravel and pot holes that might not impact a driver of a car or truck can cause a Motorcycle rider to lose control of the bike, and into peril. This last distinction is important to mention because the motorcycle rider is a foreseeable user of the road, and the rider has a right to travel free from perils in the road.  Therefore, a road that is not safe for all to use, even if relatively safe for those in cars or trucks, does not relieve the owner of the road the duty of keeping t safe for those who choose to ride.  That is one example of what this blog hopes to accomplish, and that s information for the rider on the law related to motorcycle accidents, and for riders in general.  In regards to the pedestrian on foot mentioned earlier, usually the pedestrian, at least the relatively agile one, is going at a low enough speed that they can avoid an accident much easier than the motorcycle rider who might not have the time to get out of the way.

In addition to the difference in the hazards on the road and how they affect the rider differently, the rider is also treated differently after an accident.  Insurance companies tend to treat motorcycle riders as second class citizens and routinely devalue a motorcycle riders claim. This is one of the main jobs of the Motorcycle Accident Attorney f the case goes to court, explaining to the jury or judge that riding a motorcycle is just as safe as driving a vehicle. When one looks at the statistics in regards to motorcycle accidents, it becomes obvious that the majority of accidents are caused by a rider who is either inexperienced, speeding, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  What this shows is that the experienced rider who follows the law does not get into any more accidents than a driver of a car or truck. Riding the motorcycle is not inherently dangerous, it is the additional lawless behavior that tends to lead an accident.

Sacramento County is a diverse area with major freeways and thoroughfares throughout. These include Interstate 5, Highway 99, Highway 80, Highway 50, Highway 16 and California State Route 160. In 2011, the most recent statistics, the total population was 1,408,480. The cities with largest population, ordered from largest to smallest, were Sacramento (463,537), Elk Grove (146,537), Citrus Heights (84,112), Folsom (70,564) and Rancho Cordova (61,710).  All those cities have their own police departments, and all have different policies for obtaining an accident report.

Politically, Sacramento County tends to lean liberal, although certain cities, like Folsom, are an exception to that. In my opinion, the juries in Sacramento County tend to be fair and it is an excellent place to live and practice personal injury litigation. Review the resources page for any help you may have, and to stay up to date on changes n the law in regards to motorcycle riders, including helmet laws, insurance issues, etc. follow the blog.  If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, feel free to call Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney Michael Rehm at (916) 476-9781 with any questions you may have,


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